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When is Water Damage Typically Not Covered by Your Insurance Carrier

Posted by in Uncategorized, on May 20, 2017

Home insurance only provides coverage on water damage when the occurrence is sudden or accidental. Sudden damage means that the damage occurs suddenly not because it has already occurred for some time. Home insurance does not provide coverage on gradual water damage that happens as a result of the lack of maintenance. An example of gradual water damage that won’t be covered is a leaking pipe that you fail to repair which results in extensive damages to the flooring tiles and wall over time.

There are a few exceptions where gradual water damage may be covered. For example, you can get partial coverage if your dishwasher breaks down through wear and tear and the break down cause water to overflow onto the wooden floor causing the flooring to become damaged due to being soaked in too much water. In this situation, the source of the water damage which is the broken dishwasher machine will not be covered but they will cover the repair for the flooring. The reason is that you fail to repair your dishwasher promptly even though it has been leaking for some time.

The current claim for the gradual damage will be covered if it has connection with the first claim that is covered. For example, your leaky toilet is fixed following a successful water damage claim. However, after a few months, the toilet starts leaking again and you decide to call the insurance company. Because the issues could have been stemmed from a faulty repair in the first time, there is a chance that the insurance company will cover the repair for the second time damage.

Home insurance also does not provide coverage for water damage that occurs as a result of flood damage.

If you want coverage for flood damage, you will have to purchase flood insurance. Flood insurance is ideal for people who live in a low land that is prone to being hit by flood.
If you are not sure what type of damage your insurance policy cover, you can seek help from an insurance broker and ask him to review the policy. It is important that you understand what type of water damage coverage the homeowner insurance policy offers so that you won’t file for the wrong claim and get denied.

Not every claim that is submitted will get approved. If your water damage claim is denied, you should call the insurance company and ask them to give you a full explanation. To get your claim approved faster, you should provide the insurance company with proof of repairs and maintenance that you have carried out in the past years. If possible, you should purchase extra water damage coverage according to your needs.

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