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3 Ways to Stop and Repair a Water Damage

Posted by in Uncategorized, on April 16, 2020

Water damage is the most common disaster that affect homeowners when the hurricane season arrive. It costs billions of dollars to fix the damage caused by hurricane every year. Water damage claims is also one of the fastest claims to grow compared to other homeowners insurance. The following are 3 ways to stop and repair a water damage.

3 Ways to Stop and Repair a Water Damage

1. Prevent Water Damage Outside the House
First, you must check whether you have proper drainage. If it is blocked, it will send lots of water down the side of your house which can lead to damages on the siding and foundation. To ensure proper drainage, you will need to climb a ladder to reach the roof gutter and clean up all the leaves and other debris. Installing gutter guard is the best option if your gutter keep getting clogged with leaves.

While on top of the roof, you can inspect if there is any loose shingles or damages. You can also clean up your roof from lichen, moss, and algae buildup. You can add soil near the foundation to encourage the water to flow away. Doing so will prevent the water from getting near to the foundation which can lead to wall leaning and cracking. You should check the sprinklers and irrigation system and make sure they are not pooling water near the foundation. If you notice any crack in the concrete, be sure to fix it before it develop into a larger problem.

2. Prevent Water Damage Inside the House
Homeowners must know where the water main is located so that they can turn it off. In case of burst pipe, you simply locate the water main and turn it off and then contact a local plumber to help with emergency repairs. Another important place is the attic – you should go to your attic and check for signs of water damage. Water damage in the attic can lead to fast mold growth due to the high humidity level and wood is prone to rot when exposed to water.

If you have appliances with water hose, you should carry out maintenance on them regularly to ensure there is no leaking or malfunctioning which can lead to flooding in the house. Every 5 years, you should replace the hose of your washing machine. You can use a flood safe hose to protect against expensive water damage. Installing floor/drain pan under your appliances can prevent damages caused by small leaks. Besides, don’t forget to inspect your refrigerator, water heater, and air conditioning units.

3. Water Damage Repair and Clean Up
It is common for water damage to occur even after taking the preventative measures. If you have leaking pipes, you can repair it yourself. Large leaks should be contained until you contact the professional. Repairing water damage is not enough. You also need to clean up the water damage. You can hire a professional water damage restoration company to help you remove the water and clean your carpet and furniture.

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