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Discovering mold on your property can be very alarming and it is something that needs to be dealt with immediately. That is where we come in! The Enviral Restoration Pros have extensive experience in the field of mold removal and remediation and we want to be your company of choice when mold issues arise. Having mold on your property does not mean that you have a dirty home or business because this can happen in almost any place in small amounts. The problem arises when it can be observed by the naked untrained eye. When that happens you need to call a team of professionals such as the Enviral Restoration Pros ASAP!

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We can be out to your residence or business within the hour of your call to our professional dispatch center in most cases. When it comes to our customers we will only use the best mold removal techniques. We have the most high tech and state of the art equipment available in the industry. We also only employ the most qualified and certified technicians; all of our technicians have received a certification through the IICRC stating that they uphold and exceed all safety standards as well as industry standards.

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    The most important think to know about mold is that it can be quite dangerous to your health. If fungus goes unresolved on a property for too long it can cause health problems to your family who live at or near the residence. That is why it is so important to call in a timely manner after learning about mold on your residence. Mold can be caused by moisture, high humidity or a high concentration of certain substances.

    Unfortunately it is easy for mold to expand and take over a property because it only needs two variables to thrive: a source of excess moisture and a porous surface. The Enviral Restoration Pros have extensive experience in dealing with mold and will get rid of it in a safe and time efficient manner. The first thing we do when we arrive to your property is a walkthrough examination. We will take a sample of the mold and also assess the damage it has caused and then write up an accurate claim of our findings. From there we will send our sample to a mold testing laboratory. Once we receive the results we will analyze them and set up a personalized disaster and mold recovery plan with you. Once you sign off on the personalized process we recommend we will bring in the rest of our team to begin the mold removal and return your home or business to being mold free.

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