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How Do Property Owners Along the East Coast Protect Themselves from Hurricanes

Posted by in Uncategorized, on July 22, 2017

The hurricane season has already started so you should get started on making preparations to protect your home in case your area got hit by the hurricane. Homeowners should take steps to protect their homes regardless of whether they are leaving the area. States that are located on the east coast of Florida up through New York are vulnerable to being flooded during a potential hurricane. According to a forecast by NOAA, the storm period is just a few weeks away.

To protect your home from a flood, you must make sure that all gutter, drains and ditches are clear so that the water can easily flow. You can clean out the debris in these places yourself or hire someone to clear them for you. It is advised that you report to the government if you can’t clear out the clogged ditches. Because of the hurricane storm, you can expect a lot of rain to flow down from your gutter through the downspout. For this reason, you might want to extend the downspout by 4 feet or more so that it drops off at another further location that is not too close to the foundation.

There will be a strong wind blowing against your windows and doors during the hurricane season so you will need to board them up with wood planks. An emergency may happen during the hurricane so it is important to have a backup communication plan. You should always keep a walkie talkie handy that keeps you connected with your neighbors and friends. In case you need help, you can talk on your walkie talkie and your friends can quickly come to help you.

There is going to be lightning during the hurricane so make sure you unplug all electronic equipment. Even if you have a surge protector, you should unplug all electrical devices at the main switch. If you have area rugs in your home, you should store them in your attic as the rug can easily get mold growth when exposed to water. Patio furniture should be moved to a shelter area like the garage because the strong hurricane wind can blow them away. At this time, people will be queuing up at the stores to stock up as much food as they can to prepare for the hurricane season. You should stock up imperishable food items like tin food as well as plenty of drinking water.

If you live in an area that is vulnerable to flood, you should purchase the flood insurance which is issued by the National Flood Insurance Program. The standard home insurance does not provide an adequate coverage for flood but the flood insurance by the National Flood Insurance Program is able to cover all kinds of flood damages including rider, wind and water. With flood insurance, you can get compensation for home repair and damages on property as well as removal of the debris from the drain.

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