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How to Prepare your Home Against Spring Rain Storms

Posted by in Uncategorized, on March 4, 2017

In springtime, the weather can suddenly change and storms can happen at any time. This is why it is important that you take certain steps to protect your home and family from the spring rain storms.

As soon as the spring season start, you should check the entry points to see if it is blocked by leaves and debris. It is important that the drain is not blocked because it can cause the water to flow towards your home. The downspouts must be secure and that the water should not be flowing towards the foundations. You can install additional piping to the gutter to redirect the water to another direction.

You should inspect the trees because the strong wind that blow during the storm season can cause the trees to fall. So, you must remember not to park your automobile near the tree. It is best to park your vehicles in a covered area because there may be hails raining down from the sky. If there are branches spreading out over your home, such as roof area, fence, and power line. You must look for branches that are lanky as it has a tendency to break at anytime.

You will also want to keep the patio furniture inside your garage so that they won’t get blown away by the strong wind. Thick blanket can be used to cover the vehicles to prevent the hails from damaging it. You can use a rope to tie the thick blanket over the vehicle to secure it.

Homeowners should also check the sump pump and ensure that it is working efficiently. The pump must be clean so that it can work properly. You can get an additional backup sump pump to store at your home. In case your sump pump stop working, you can replace it with the battery operated sump pump.

It is also possible that the strong wind can break the window and cause the glass to fly. Hence, you must use a strong adhesive tape to tape the edges of the windows so that they won’t fly open. You can draw the window blind in full length over your windows.

Besides, you should consider buying a flood insurance. In the event that the storm damage your home, you should quickly contact your insurance company about it. Most homeowner insurance does not include a flood insurance so it is better that you call your insurance company and check with them.

Finally, you must always get ready an emergency kit in an easily accessed area in the home. The emergency kit should be equipped with basic supplies such as flashlight, first aid, sanitizer, and first aid. Besides, you should also prepare food that can last for at least 3 days such as dried food and several bottles of water.

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