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Why Spring Storms Often Lead to the Majority of Flooding Disasters on the East Coast

Posted by in Uncategorized, on April 20, 2017

Spring is a sunny season when many plants start to grow but flood can also happen during this time. One of the reasons why spring storms can cause flood on the east coast is spring rain. Spring rain can cause an area to become flooded if it keeps raining non stop for several hours. Too much rain can prevent the ground to absorb the water so that it remains standing above the ground. Heavy spring rain can also cause the river to become swell and overflow so that properties in the nearby region will be experience flooding issues.

During spring, the hot sun will melt the snow that accumulate on your roof which will bring down several gallons of water. If your roof has holes, the water will drip into your house and cause flooding in the attic. The excess water that flow from the roof to the ground can seep into the ground and cause flooding in the basement. If the water from the thawed snow flow into the river, it can also cause the river to overflow the bank and flood houses in in the nearby region.

Flash floods can happen in low lands when there is a series of thunderstorms that occur consecutively. It can take as little as 6 hours for the low lying areas to become flooded. Many dams have been built to prevent flooding but you should not rely on them to prevent flood. This is because the dams are built to only hold up to a certain amount of flood water.

Spring flooding is to be taken seriously as many people have lost their properties and lives from it. You can keep watch against spring flood by constantly watching the TV news update. If the news warns about an imminent flood, it is best to evacuate your home temporarily and move to a higher ground that is safer. You should visit the Flood Smart website to learn about all the tips on how to prepare yourself for a flood. You and your family can practice evacuation route in the event that flood occur.

If you encounter a flood situation, you should try to get out of the low areas and go to a higher ground. You should not attempt to cross areas that have been flooded as there is a risk of drowning even if you know how to swim. You should also avoid attempting to drive through highways that have been flooded.

If you are currently living in a low lying area, you should consider moving to a low risk flood area. If you want to continue staying at the high risk flood area, you should get a flood insurance because standard home insurance does not cover damages caused by flood. Without a flood insurance, you will have to be prepared to pay tens of thousands of dollars of out of pocket expenses if you don’t have flood insurance. The cost for the flood insurance policy is cheaper for houses located in lower risk areas.

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