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Cleaning Smoke Damage Should Be Done By A Certified Contractor

Posted by in Uncategorized, on March 14, 2017

Fire not only burn your belongings but it will also leave behind smoke and soot after it is being put out. The soot particles can adhere to everything that the smoke comes into contact such as furniture, wall and ceiling. It is dangerous to clean up the smoke residue yourself as they are hazardous to your health. The smoke residues can enter into your lung and develop into serious health problems if you attempt to clean it yourself.

Smoke damage can not be clean up by way of washing. Only special equipment is to be used when cleaning up traces of the smoke damage. Washing clothes that are exposed to smoke in a washing machine can cause even further damages. You will also miss a lot of areas that are hard to spot during cleaning your property for example the smoke particles in the HVAC system. For this reason, it is recommended that you hire a fire restoration specialist.

The fire restoration specialist will first perform an assessment on your household items and determined which ones can be saved. They can carefully inspect on all kinds of properties including rugs, and furniture. The professional is equipped with advanced cleaning equipment. The fire restoration specialist is able to restore all kinds of furniture and belongings so that you don’t have to buy new ones. State of the art recovery equipment will be used to salvage important documents and media content.

The most effective restoration method is used to clean up the smoke damage. Preventative measures will be taken for example separating all areas that contain ashes. Not taking preventative measures can cause the smoke residues to fly to other parts of the building during the restoration process. The fire restoration specialist will also use heavy duty water extraction equipment to extract water from areas that retain water as a result of being sprayed with the water hose during fire. Dryers will be used to dry up the standing water in the area.

After the water has been extracted, the experts will begin to carry out the cleaning process. The cleaning process is customized for each circumstances. The experts will attempt to clean and carry out disinfection on everything that has come into contact with the smoke. You should avoid carrying out any fire restoration work on your own prior to the arrival of the fire restoration specialists. You could be doing more damages by carrying out the fire restoration work yourself.

When hiring a fire restoration specialist, you must make sure that he is certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. The staff at the fire restoration company must have undergone the necessary training to clean fire smoke damages.

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